Internal Controls Development

  • Development of Incident Response Plan – Do you know what to do and who to contact in the event of a data breach? During an incident, understanding your exposure in a timely manner is critical mitigating the damage. Every company needs an Incident Response Plan for Technology related threats/attacks and should be tested regularly. We can help develop an Incident Response plan specifically for your organization and help integrate into an already established crisis management process.

  • Development of Vulnerability/Patch Management Process – Today, hundreds of new vulnerabilities are discovered and when coupled with malicious code will cause chaos on vulnerable machines and your corporate network. Understanding your exposure to these vulnerabilities will gauge the potential impact an outbreak may cause. In addition, a timely patch management process can help protect your technology infrastructure from malicious code. We can help develop a Vulnerability/Patch Management process that fits your organization to keep the hackers out.

  • Development of Security Monitoring Program – Do you know who has infiltrated your corporate network? Do you know if your network is filled with infected machines? Do you know when your sensitive data is leaving your corporate network without your permission or knowledge? We can develop a robust security monitoring program to give you visibility into your corporate network and provide intelligence of suspicious activity.